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Certified in both Oncology Massage and Oncology Esthetics, Alice Sherwood provides spa treatments for cancer patients and survivors.

Experiencing cancer is life changing. Many people living with cancer find themselves overwhelmed and often suffer from discomfort, pain, skin dehydration, body image issues, sleep disruption, or anxiety. Massage and Skincare services performed by a qualified, trained practitioner can help you cope with cancer, its treatments, and side effects.

I am a licensed massage and skincare therapist with over 18 years of experience. I hold certifications in Oncology Massage Therapy from Tracy Walton & Associates, as well as, Oncology Esthetics from Morag Currin’s Touch for Cancer Program. After watching several family members and friends suffer from the effects of cancer, I sought out this specialized training in order to work safely with them, and help others.

Oncology friendly services are intended to ease the side effects of cancer and cancer treatment by helping the client to rest and lessen the effects of pain, anxiety, and stress. During this specialized, hourlong session, we will spend approximately ten minutes reviewing your cancer history and specific needs. Actual in-take and service time may vary based on the type of cancer and treatment history.

Treatments are given at the Alessence studio—a warm, inviting space. Strict sanitary protocols are observed for your protection and comfort.

More oncology massage and oncology esthetics services for more people

Sometimes I’ll get a call from someone who says that they wish that they could receive oncology massage or oncology esthetics services, but they are strapped with medical bills, having difficulty with income, and they can’t afford to come and see me. It’s something I’ve struggled with in making oncology friendly services available – I do not want to turn anyone away because of financial reasons, but I still need to make a living.

So I created A Soft Touch Fund (logo) in which people with cancer, or cancer history experiencing financial hardship can receive a discounted or no-cost massage or skincare service. Anyone can contribute to this pool of resources, and anyone can ask to use money from the fund toward services with me. Just let me know that you would like to use a portion of what is in the fund, and I will apply it toward my professional fee. No questions asked. It’s not an all-or-nothing thing; you can apply whatever amount you would like toward the cost of a service. I do not accept gratuities in my practice. If you would like to say thanks, I would love it if you put that money towards A Soft Touch service instead, so someone can receive massage or skincare services who might not otherwise be able to. Click on the “Donate” button below, and on the next page, enter the amount you wish to pay forward so someone with cancer, or cancer history.

Pay it forward. Spread the word.

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